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Ts'msyen Sm'algya̱x Language Authority


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The Ts’msyen Language Authority (TSLA), meets on a regular basis at the Aboriginal Education building for SD52. In coordination with the Sm'algyax Language Council, the building was named “Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet,” which means “House of Building Strength” in Sm’algya̱x. It is a place that is welcoming and has a strong sense of belonging for the community and all partner groups. 

Over the past almost 13 years Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet has welcomed and hosted a wide range of district and community meetings on a daily basis. The Sm’algya̱x Committee, TSLA and the Sm’algya̱x teachers meet at Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet on a regular basis. Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet also houses a large Aboriginal content library and teacher and student resources for use in the classroom. Since Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet opened, the importance of Aboriginal Education and Aboriginal history, language and culture has very much increased in the community and in the district.

Wa̱p Sig̱atgyet

317 9th Avenue

Prince Rupert, BC

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