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The Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority seeks to protect, promote, restore, revitalize and develop Sm’algya̱x language and culture strategies to ensure survival and retention of the language. The Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority ensures that the Ts’msyen Nations have a means of ensuring control and accountability over the Sm’algya̱x language.


The purpose of the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority is to:

a) Promote the use and development of Sm’algya̱x

b) To support the Ts’msyen Nations with the resources to
    develop the following:

i.   Policy and goals

ii.  Teacher training programs / Masters programs

iii. Curriculum

iv. Research needs & priorities

v.  Sm’algya̱x Language standards

c) Recommend individuals to the BC College of Teachers
    for certification

d) Provide guidance to educational organization on matters of

e) Protocol: to ensure Ts’msyen protocol is recognized and
    followed in Ts’msyen territory with the foundation of
    Ts’msyen Ayaawx






The committee will normally consist of a minimum of eight members committed to learning and / or teaching Sm’algya̱x. Any member of the communities and organizations can attend. Representation from each of the Ts’msyen communities should include those individuals:

        a. fluent in the language, and

        b. knowledgeable in the culture

        c. committed to learning and / or teaching the language

If any member representing a community or organization must be replaced as a member of the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority, it shall be the responsibility of the community to find a replacement.

Travel expenses will be the responsibility of those attending the meetings. 




The principle functions of the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority shall be:

a) to be the Nation’s point of contact for groups researching
    language and culture, and advertise the existence and role
    of the Ts’msyen Sm'algya̱x Authority on a website with links
    to contacts and resources; review and provide support for
    written, printed, audio or video materials dealing with the
    language / culture that meet the needs of the Nation

b) setting goals for the Sm’algya̱x language program by
    determining the language/ culture needs of the

c) monitoring the progress and success of the Sm’algya̱x
    language program

d) authorization of Ts’msyen language teachers certification

e) provide guidance on development and implementation of 
    teacher in-service

f) provide guidance to educational institutes on the
    development, implementation and evaluation of Sm’algya̱x
    language / culture programs

g) Sm’algya̱x language media coverage should be confirmed
    by language authority.

h) to respond to requests for spelling and uses of Sm’algya̱x

i)  all Sm’algyax language research and Sm’algyax resource
    requests will be brought to a Language Authority meeting


Members of the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority will be asked to provide advice and guidance within the scope of their individual expertise and experience.

Functions and Procedures








Members of the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority have the responsibility of communicating with the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority chairperson and / or designated person prior to all meetings in order to outline the agenda and discuss any other preparations for the meeting. The agenda will be set by the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority co-chairs. The Authority will be co-chaired by a fluent Sm’algya̱x speaker and the District Principal of Aboriginal Education.


Meetings are to be scheduled two times a year and should be arranged at appropriate and convenient times. Special / urgent meetings will be convened as required.

Notice of meeting and agenda, when possible, should be distributed at least one week before the meeting to all members of the committee through email, fax or telephone.

The Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority facilitator and / or designated person shall be responsible for recording of the minutes of the meeting and for providing copies of such minutes for circulation to the committee members. Copies are available through the Aboriginal Education Department, School District 52(Prince Rupert).

Reports will be made annually regarding the status of the committee and any activities undertaken; these shall be made available on request, and presented at appropriate assemblies and events.

The Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority encourages the development of Sm’algya̱x Adult programs in communities.

Ts’msyen communities and organizations are invited to put forth suggestions and concerns to the Ts’msyen Sm’algya̱x Authority through the respective community delegate. Community-based Sm’algya̱x language meetings will be encouraged by the language authority.

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