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Adaawxs Łgu Sgyen

This original telling of Łgu Sgyen by the late Violet Robinson was recorded in Hartley Bay during 1979-82, by Margaret Seguin Anderson, who was supported by contracts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization (then the National Museum of Man).  Draft transcription by Midred Wilson, edited by Theresa Lowther & Margaret Anderson.  Transcription and/or translation reviewed by Clarence Anderson, Fred Ridley, Sampson Collinson, Tammy Blumhagen, Doug Brown, Velna Nelson, Marj Brown, Mildred Leask & Doug Robinson, working with Margaret Anderson & Theresa Lowther. Prepared with funding from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada. Everyone involved in this project would like to express our gratitude for the vision & generosity of Violet Robinson, who left the story of Łgu Sgyen for the benefit of future generations.

The narrative of  Łgu Sgyen tells how pitch
made one side of the halibut black.

Łgu Sgyen - Violet Robinson
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